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Kannada University

Updated on: Mar 7, 2013
Kannada University in Hampi was established by the Government of Karnataka through the Kannada University Act 1991 in 1991. The Government of Karnataka established a commission under the chairmanship of Sadashiva Wodeyar, who, after consulting with several intellectuals, education experts, political thinkers, social activists, etc. came out with a report and recommended the establishment of the Kannada University.

Kannada University is dedicated to enhancement of the Kannada language, literature, traditions, culture, and folklore. It has established an academic wing that acts as a nodal agency to facilitate research and coordinate with teaching activities. The academic wing of the University organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, discussions. It also collaborates with other academic institutions, both at national and international level, for quality research and teaching. 

The University has established four faculties of study to conduct research activities. Every department of the University offers Research Programs (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) in their area. The University's research programs are also contemporary. The main aim of the University is to conduct multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on various aspects of Karnataka and Kannada.


In 1994, the Kannada University shifted its campus from the stonemantapas of Hampi to campus in Vidyaranya. Additionally, the University has two more satellite campuses in Badami and Kuppali. Buildings of the university blend seamlessly blend seamlessly in the architecture of Hampi. Akshara, which means Letter, is the name of library building. Sarvagna is another library building which contains books on Karnataka studies. Bhuvana Vijaya (the abode of victory) is the indoor auditorium built for academic and cultural activities. Pampa Sabhangana (Pampa Seminar Hall) is the place where intellectual deliberations on various issues happen. Navaranga (Nine colours) is an open-air auditorium resembling Greek theater. Girisime (Tribal Village) houses the department of Tribal studies. The buildings are hut-like structures modeled on tribal huts.

Faculties / Departments:

Faculty of Languages
  • Department of Kannada Literature  
  • Department of Kannada Language Studies
  • Department of Dravidian Studies
  • Department of Translation Studies
  • Department of Manuscriptology
  • Department of Women's Studies

Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Department of Sculpture and Paintings
Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Department of Folklore Studies
  • Department of Music and Dance
  • Department of History
  • Department of Archaeology & Ancient History
  • Department of Epigraphy
  • Department of Tribal Studies
  • Department of Development Studies

  • Library building
  • Indoor auditorium
  • Seminar hall
  • Open-air auditorium
  • Publishing house
  • Other general facilities

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