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Department of Instruction

Updated on: Mar 7, 2013
The Department of Public Instruction administers the school education in Karnataka State. There is provision for 10 years of school education in Karnataka. School education is distributed over 3 modules- Lower primary school (5 years duration); Upper Primary School (3 years duration) and high school (2 years duration). The Department of Primary and Secondary Education is responsible for providing education to schoolchildren. The Department comprises of a Secretariat and field departments with a three tier structure at State, District and Block levels. The field Departments of Public Instruction and Adult Education comes under the Zilla Panchayaths and Taluk Panchayaths.

The Head of the Department is the Commissioner for Public Instructions. The role of the Commissioner is to control and coordinate activities of school education. All stages of school education starting from pre primary to secondary education come under the control of the Department. During 2003-04 Additional Commissionerate of public Instruction at Dharwad and Gulbarga have been established for academic and administration decentralization towards North Karnataka Region.

Pre-service and in-service training of teachers in Music, Dance, Drawing, Commerce, Sanskrit, Urdu & Arabic education also comes under the administrative purview of the Department.

Following Directorates function under the purview of this Department, each headed by a Director of Public Instruction. They are:
  • Director Primary education
  • Director Secondary Education
  • Director Urdu and other Minority Language Schools
  • Director State Educational Research and Training and textbooks
  • Director Public Instruction, K.S.E.E. Board(Exams) (SSLC)
  • Director Public Instruction, K.S.E.E. Board (other exams)

New Programs Proposed in Elementary Education are:

To provide for best school awards.
  • Inclusion of 8th std. to primary schools.
  • Lengthening of TCH curriculum to 2 years and 6 months internship course.
  • Procurement of sites for schools in urban areas.
  • To provide additional graduate teachers to higher primary schools.
  • During the year 2003-04 around 5000 primary school teachers posts for north eastern districts  and 1930 graduate teachers for inclusion of 8th std will be created and filled.

Different programmes undertaken by the Department to bring back the out of school children were:
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana(SSA).
  • Nali-Kali – A Recipe for Joyful Learning.
  • Chinnara Angala – A Course to the Mainstream.
  • Baa Bale Shalege & Beediyinda Shalege Campaign.
  • Cooliyinda Shalege Programme
  • Listen & Learn & Mobile Schools.
  • Tribal Education – Special Drive in a Forest.
  • Program for the backward districts of North East Karnataka (NEK)
  • Providing Hot Cooked Food to the Students studying in Government Primary Schools (Akshara Dasoha). - Click here to download National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education, 2006- Guidelines.
  • Text Books.
  • Integrated Education.
  • Distribution of Uniforms, School Bags & Text Books under Vidya Vikasa Scheme


  1. Commissioner for Public Instruction
    Phone: 080-22214350
    Fax: 080-22211086
    E-mail: [email protected]

  2. Joint Director (Administration)
    Phone: 080-22213129
    Fax: 080-22211086
    E-mail: [email protected]

  3. Public Relation Officer
    Phone: 080-22246976
    Email: [email protected]
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