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Directorate of Collegiate Education - Overview

Updated on: Mar 12, 2013

he Directorate of Collegiate Education (DCE) was established in 1960. The main purpose of this Directorate has been the development of learners in all dimensions. The department has undertaken the responsibility of providing higher education to the poor, backward and weaker sections of the society. The directorate has brought college level education within the reach of common man in the state. The directorate has 6 regional offices through which 349 Govt. Degree colleges and 299 Private Aided colleges, spread over 8 universities in the state are administered. The regional offices of the Directorate are situated in Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Dharwad and Gulbarga.

The Directorate has the following vision.

  • To provide opportunities for higher education to all sections of society with emphasis on social justice.
  • To overall development of students to be effective citizens.
  • To empowerment of women and underprivileged.


Officers at Head Office

  • Commissioner
    Ph: 080-22263227
    Email: comm-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Director
    Ph: 080-22211906
    Email: dir-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Additional Director
    Ph: 080-22100186
    Email: addir-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • C.A.O
    Ph: 080-22212941
    Email: cao-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Joint Director (Academic)
    Ph: 080-22212941
    Email: jda-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Joint Director
    Email: Ph: 080-22212941

  • Deputy Director
    Ph: 080-22212941
    Email: dd1-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Deputy Director
    Ph: 080-22212941
    Email: dd2-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Accounts Officer (cash & payment)
    Ph: 080-22212941
    Email: ao1-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Information Officer
    Ph: 080-22389459
    Email: io-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • TQM Co-ordinator
    Ph: 080-22212941
    Email: tqm-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

Joint Directors at Regional Offices

  • Joint Director, Bangalore Region
    Ph: 080-22260196
    Email: jdir-cce-ka@kar.nic.in

  • Joint Director, Mysore Region
    Ph: 95821-2426696
    Email: jdir-cce-kamy@kar.nic.in

  • Joint Director, Shimoga Region
    Ph: 958182-279166
    Email: jdir-cce-kash@kar.nic.in

  • Joint Director, Dharwad Region
    Ph: 95836-2447554
    Email: jdir-cce-kadh@kar.nic.in

  • Joint Director, Mangalore Region
    Ph: 95824-2422876
    Email: jdir-cce-kadk@kar.nic.in

  • Joint Director, Gulbarga Region
    Ph: 958472-222065
    Email: jdir-cce-kagu@kar.nic.in
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